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Pre-registration serves mainly for making the registration process easier. If you want to be registered, fill the Pre-registration form, then fill the paper registraion form, which you can get by registration officer, and finally with fillen paper form, pre-registration number and your ID, visit your registration officer, who will confirm your registration and gives you your UID - your identification in club.

Basic Data

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Personal data

You can find it here don't fill by person who are not from CTU


For security reasons, password with minimally randomly generated password with entropy of 45bits complexity is required. NIST recommends 80 bits for most important passwords, which is 13 characters password made from numbers, randomly capital or not letters and special characters.

0 bits


To this emails we will transport club mails, information from club office and they serves for password restoration.

Separate mails by comma, semicolon, space or write every one on separate line.

Another data

The controller of personal data is the society Studentská unie ČVUT, Company Registration No.: 67981224 (hereinafter the “SU”). We process the personal data in accordance with Act No. 110/2019 Sb. and/or the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

Collecting and processing the data given above is necessary for the Club Silicon Hill and the SU to unequivocally identify its members and to contribute all benefits that follows from membership to these members.

Any requests and questions related to the processing of personal data may be sent by e-mail to or to Read more at